There were no leaves on the trees when our offices closed and underwent a field-test for remote-working. It happened to be the day before the national shut down, and I remember hanging the pages of the magazine on the wall and thinking to myself whether those pages were going to collect dust. “Nah,” I thought to myself that I shouldn’t be thinking so apocalyptically. We never did go back to the office, but the work hasn’t stopped. As a team we switched gears overnight and covered everything that was happening in real-time in the industry, across the nation. Along with the editors and photographers, we were able to put together the CV narrative in the industry. Below are some of the highlights covers of magazines we created during this time. Thanks to our editors and photographers Patrick Dodson and Joshua Lott for the courage and eye to photograph the reality of the situation circa April 2020.

Digital Issues of relevant CSP magazine here: May 2020 and the data-centric Special Issue