GIF creations

In a digital-first publication environment, it continues to be quite the task to keep users engaged. For premium stories that are subscriber-only, I’ve come up with a tried and proven creative manner that increases trust and promotes subscriptions.  Over the past few years I have conceptualized and created gif animations to engage our readership.  Below are a few of my favorites.

Future 50 restaurants design and animation
Cracker Barrel entering urban markets
Diving into Happy Hour
Hiking interest rates
Unionization of Starbucks
Digital ordering SKU's
War in Ukraine
Elusive money
Digital Loyalty
China and franchising
Hypnotized by Food Advertising
Off-premise delivery
Tech is a $3 billion price tag in the restaurant industry
Cleaning Quizno's reputation
Ramen gaining popularity
What can ChatGPT do for Restaurants?
Coffee hypnosis
I'm NOT lovin' it
The hummus wave
UberEats delivering over the holidays
California taking a bite out of franchising
Take out orders increase
Taking a close look at menu ideation
Receipt order fee
The new CEO of Denny's make an appearance
Whack a food
Gestation free crates
Gamification of food
Converting gas cooking into electric
DoorDash IPO
Sauces gain popularity