I am a creative professional with an eye for detail and I currently work at a media company as an art director. I am responsible for thinking of solutions in a bold, professional and innovative way through print and web campaigns.

It’s been an honor to be a part of a highly successful team of editors, designers, illustrators and photographers. Recent awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors include:

• 2017 Overall brand excellence, CSP

• 2017 Opening Page/Spread for Everything Sold is New Again

• 2017 Opening Page Design for Direct Sell

• 2017 Individual Profile for Ari Haseotes

• 2017 Magazine of the Year finalist (more than $3 million)

• 2016 Category Management Handbook (regional and national)

• Overall Magazine Design

• 2015 Hit the Jackpot cover story

• 2015 Category Management Handbook (regional and national)

• 2014 Category Management Handbook

• Wage Rage cover story

CSP’s November 2014 cover image, a striking photo of Speedway’s Tony Kenney.


Quoted on the 2014 awards:

“What is especially rewarding about this year’s incredible recognition is that we captured awards in all the areas that matter most to our readers: original research, in-depth reporting, retailer profiles, compelling design and a digital platform that enriches our industry with both the best daily news coverage in the business and valuable information on the largest 101 chains in the channel,” said vice president and group editor Mitch Morrison. “This is a great win for a gifted editorial and design team. And it’s a great win for our vibrant industry.”